Séminaire de stratégie à la LSBF, London School of Business and Finance


Les étudiants de Master/Bac+5 Marketing et Ressources Humaines réalisent comme chaque année un séminaire de stratégie au sein de la LSBF. Prestigieux établissement d’enseignement supérieur au centre de Londres, la London School of Business and Finance est partenaire depuis 3 années de l’ECM Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. Cette année, les élèves seront présents durant 15 jours afin de suivre un programme en stratégie marketing et un programme en stratégie RH.  

Strategic Brand Management

Strategic HR Management

This brand management course provides a thorough understanding of the essential role a clear strategy plays in the success and sustainability of a brand. Central to this course is the identification of a unifying purpose that will define the greater good that a brand provides through its values. You will gain techniques and insights on how to plan, create, and maintain a healthy, purpose driven brand. You will develop an appreciation of leading brands and gain the skills needed to form effective strategies. This is a dedicated specialist programme designed to foster the thinking and develop the skillset required to build, measure and manage strong brands. The Strategic Brand Management course aims to provide delegates with an in-depth insight into the importance of brand equity and customer experience and how best it can be maintained through a combination of comprehensive theoretical foundation with practical awareness. Participants will be enable to develop their competencies as brand managers both in their day-to-day operations and long-term decisions. A key element of this programme is the focus on practical application by using a wealth of practical examples of cutting-edge brand management strategies – you will learn and apply concepts and techniques to improve the long-term profitability of brand strategies.  


Course Content

  • Defining brand, brand equity, the main branding challenges and opportunities
  • Application of the Brand Key Model of Unilever, Brand Identity Prism (Kapferer), Customer Based Brand Equity Model
  • Criteria and tactics for choosing brand elements
  • How to use the marketing mix to build brand equity
  • New Products and Brand Extensions
  • Qualitative and Quantitative ways of measuring brand equity
  • Understanding and calculation of Customer Lifetime Value
  • Brand Revitalization strategies

This module looks at the tools and techniques businesses use to determine their future direction and prepare for change. It examines how companies identify opportunities and threats and then align its human resource capability in terms of manpower, skills, structure and infrastructure in order to create the appropriate vehicle for achieving success. It shows how the HR function, when working as internal consultants, can support the business in defining it’s vision and mission and facilitate effective transition by aligning its own strategy to deliver value added benefits. The module culminates with an examination of the specific areas in which HR contributes tangible business value; attracting and retaining talent, motivation, recognition and reward, performance management and performance improvement and encourages the student to question and challenge their own internal systems for delivering stakeholder value.  


Course Content

  • To understand what drives change in today’s modern commercial environment.
  • To gain an appreciation of how companies analyse the strategic environment to determine their product and
  • service offering
  • To understanding how the product portfolio drives organisational design, culture and management style
  • To better understand the process for translating business vision into tangible action
  • To understand how a better understanding of the business vision leads to improved HR service provision.
  • To understand how to plan, prioritise and deliver business focused HR solutions in terms of time, cost and
  • quality.
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